Kulirny smooth surface ("Suprem"), kulirka, is a popular knitted fabric, the most popular of knitted fabrics.
The weaving of the stitching stitches is a cross-knitted single weave. The curtain cloth has a front and back sides, which are visually different from each other. So, the front side is formed by looped posts, and the seamy side is formed by needle arches and broaches.
We produce plain dyed fabric from combed and carded yarns of active dyeing. The composition is 100% natural cotton.
Density 145-165 g / m2, stocking width -97 ± 2 cm.
You can buy cheap kulirny cloth in bulk directly at the factory, having drawn up an agreement at the office. We work with different carriers and can arrange delivery anywhere in the world.

Everyone has jerseys from the curling surface in their wardrobe. A unique fabric, completely natural, from everyone's favorite hypoallergenic 100% cotton, suitable for sewing clothes, bed linen for both the youngest and gentlest inhabitants of the planet and for the very adult population.

Features of the fabric:

  • softness and invisibility in wearing,
  • naturalness and hypoallergenicity,
  • strength and practicality,
  • suitable for making all kinds of clothes with a greater predisposition to touching the body: bedding, underwear, shirts, pajamas, tracksuits, sports shirts and tops, leggings, underpants, sleeve), dresses, blouses, blouses, cardigans - this is an incomplete list of those products that are sewn from a kulirka.

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Turkish textile company in Uzbekistan.

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