Ribana is a knitted fabric, when weaving loops of which the front and back loops alternate, with a cross-knitted double weave.

This knitted fabric is often called an eraser.

Ribana differs in the alternation of the front and back columns:

front-purl is a 1x1 eraser,

2 facial - 1 purl,

2 facial and 2 purl, etc.

Fabric composition: 95% cotton, 5% lycra.

Density: 180-200 g / m2.

Features of ribana knitted fabric:

- excellent stretchability. Thanks to this property, the use of ribana is perfect for making cuffs and collars of sweatshirts, pullovers, jumpers.

- the same side of the front and back surfaces.

- elasticity - the ability to take its original form without changing the external shape.

Ribana is produced by us from natural material - cotton grown in the sunny fields of Uzbekistan. We are exacting about the quality of purchased raw materials and dyes. We use high-quality and mostly natural dyes made in India.

When buying a ribana in bulk, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with other knitted fabrics produced by us: interlock, pique, satin stitch, futter.


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