Despite the fact that kashkorse is a type of knitted fabric that has been known for a long time in the professional environment, private craftsmen and small commercial companies are sometimes interested in what is special about this knitted fabric and what is kashkorse. In the professional environment, kashkorse is known as a 2x2 eraser.

From this name, the peculiarity of the fabric, expressed in the weaving of the loops, is already clear: in the kashkors, the row is knitted in the same way as in the English elastic band, and with alternating 2 front and 2 purl. Due to such weaving, kashkorse has the property of being easy to stretch, looking neat in a taut state and gathering back into its original shape without losing its appearance. And here it should be emphasized: the appearance of the products perfectly retains the originally specified shape.

Kashkorse is a knitted fabric that is actively used in sewing turtleneck collars and jumpers, making cuffs, decorating the bottom as a lower belt for jumpers, pullovers.

Recently, kashkors have been used for the manufacture of outerwear.


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