Dyed yarn.

The main raw material for the production of knitted fabrics is cotton. For the manufacture of cloths, synthetic fibers, yarn and threads are also used, both in pure form and in a mixture with cotton.

In knitwear production, many different types of blended yarns are used, containing natural and man-made fibers in different proportions and combinations.
The most common options are cotton + rayon, cotton + polyester, cotton + lycra, polyester + lycra, wool + polyester, wool + nitrone (trade name for polyacrylic).
Blends include three types of fibers, such as cotton + viscose + polyester, wool + viscose + polyester and other combinations.

Our company is equipped with yarn dyeing machines.
Yarn dyed: 100% cotton, 100% bamboo, 100% modal.
Yarn dyed, blended cotton / modal, cotton / bamboo, cotton / viscose, cotton / acrylic, cotton / wool, acrylic / viscose.
Colors: we have our own color catalog, we can also develop any color within 3 days.

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