Knitted fabric

Knitwear is a very interesting fabric for sewing, one of the most rewarding and popular. Since it was invented, and began to be used everywhere - for most people, things made of knitted fabric began to occupy almost the entire wardrobe. There is a wide variety of knitted fabrics - satin stitch, ribana, pique, 2-thread footer, 3-thread footer, interlock, kashkorse. We present the canvas as a single color, and with a print - a small repeating pattern.

In terms of its qualities, knitted fabric is distinguished by the fact that it stretches well, is elastic, and durable. Although there is some peculiarity of fabric processing - there should be professional equipment in production for sewing knitwear: various overlocks, carpetlocks, and stitching, which cope with the difficult task of sewing knitwear while preserving its properties, and for a home a seamstress will need Teflon feet and needles with a rounded tip.

Printed jersey.

The packing options we offer are replenished every year with new designs, however, there are classic packing, which from year to year are popular with buyers and end users. You can get acquainted with the available patterns on the knitted fabric in the catalog of paddings.

Printed jersey fabric gives room for imagination, it comes in different densities and thicknesses and has high decorative properties. When buying a knitted fabric with a print, pay attention to the durability of the dye we use. We do not save on it, and when buying high-quality Indian dyes, we are sure that our knitted fabric is of high quality and color fastness is guaranteed.

We offer knitwear in bulk and provide substantial discounts to wholesalers, which allows you to save a lot on material, which is especially important for a small business. When buying a knitted fabric, pay attention to its thickness, density, elasticity, and the presence of nap.


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