Interlock fabric is a knitted fabric, so named according to its fabric structure, which is called interlock. In its production, 100% natural cotton is used, which has a high density. It is also called "double-faced", since the fibers in it are intertwined perpendicularly, due to which the unique characteristics of this material are achieved.

Clothing made of interlock can be used not only for everyday wear, but also for sewing elegant clothes, as it has a pleasant texture and has an aesthetic look. And with proper care (gentle wash without chlorine-containing bleaches at temperatures up to 40 degrees), interlock clothes can last a very long service life, useful and comfortable for the body. A distinctive feature of these knitted fabrics is the fact that they will not harm health due to their composition: natural 100% cotton. Cotton, long known and loved by everyone, does not cause allergic reactions even in cases such as varying degrees of allergic reactions, dermatitis and other skin diseases in children and adults. Interlock does not irritate the skin, it is soft and practically not weighty on the body. It is ideal to use these knitted fabrics for making underwear, nightwear, underwear, T-shirts, turtlenecks, sportswear. But for the production of outerwear, it will also come in handy. Sweaters, dresses, interlock blouses will look great.

No other fabric can boast such a high degree of thermal insulation, which is inherent in interlock. Its use is especially in demand in the winter season, when the preservation of body heat is of great importance in order to avoid colds, especially for children.

Interlock characteristics:

The main advantages of this knitted fabric are:

  • elastic;
  • comfortable with a surface of the fabric that is pleasant and gentle to the body;
  • high degree of thermal protection;
  • the fabric itself is light;
  • wear-resistant;
  • withstands many folds;
  • has hypoallergenic properties.

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