Futter 3-thread

Futter 3-thread – the densest in the family of futter fabrics. Its distinctive feature is the large thickness of the fabric, high and dense pile, the fabric itself is also quite dense and keeps its shape well. The 3-thread futter contains only 100% cotton, the fabric is wear-resistant, retains its density well and for a long time, persistent dyes add value to the good quality of the goods we offer.

Advantages futter 3-thread:

Fabrics of traditionally calm, neutral, bright and melange shades are non-marking, very practical, indispensable for sewing clothes for home, sports, leisure, one of the most popular colors recently by consumers is gray melange.
The fabric is very warm, dense and pleasant, there is a fleece and not a fleece. Interesting for the manufacture of top fashionable sportswear.
Futter is interesting for its external characteristics and properties for the freedom of imagination of fashion designers;
The smooth surface of the fabric allows any prints to be applied to the fabric.

Characteristics of the knitted fabric of the futter:

We produce a fleece futter, or a fleece futter on the seamy side, and a non-fleece futter, without a fleece on the seamy side.

The front side looks like a cool smooth surface.

The brushed futter has good thermal insulation properties.

Composition: cotton 100%

Density: 330 g / sq.m

Stocking width 97 ± 2 cm, NE 30/1

Pattern: plain dyed canvas.


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