The production of piqué - one of the most popular knitted fabrics in the current fashion - is one of our favorite directions. Piquet has a special weaving of loops: in two wefts, outwardly easily recognizable - with embossed transverse teeth in the form of rhombuses.

Most often used for sewing polo shirts, dresses, summer suits, hats and for finishing products. Designers like this material, and with modern trends, the focus on naturalness and environmental friendliness, plus the technological properties of the material and taking into account the good consumer properties of the pique, becomes more and more in demand every year.

Advantages of piqué knitted fabricе:

  • The fabric is environmentally friendly, from natural, grown in Uzbekistan, high-quality 100% cotton.
  • It can have different densities.
  • Density 160-180 g / m2
  • Width stocking width 115 cm, NE 30/1
  • Drawing - plain dyed canvas.
  • More than 24 colors are always available.

Consumer properties of pique:

  • Due to the special weaving, the fabric is very strong and durable.
  • It perfectly retains its original shape.
  • Machine wash well.

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