Futter 2-thread
Futter - knitted fabric is very popular all over the world, most clothes for sports, leisure, for everyday wear are sewn from it.
The fabric futter 2-thread is more often used for tracksuits, sweatshirts, sewing gowns - it is of medium thickness, there is a futter with a fleece and a futter without a fleece.
Knitted fabric is often referred to briefly as "futter", "futter 2-thread", "fabric futter". What is a 2-strand futter and how is it used? Futters are modern knitted fabrics that have “breathed” in a new way in recent years. A wide range of clothes is sewn from the futter - from children to everyday adults, or clothing for sports and tourism, since the futter fabric keeps its shape well and is very soft and pleasant to the body. And what is not unimportant is 100% cotton.

Advantages futter 2-thread:

  • Natural fabric: 100% cotton;
  • High density knitted fabric;
  • Smooth front side of the fabric, the ability to apply prints;
  • The presence of soft pile - the fabric is very pleasant to the body, warms well and retains heat;
  • Adequate cost (knitted fabric in bulk is shown in the price list);
  • Elastic, "sits" well on the body, therefore it is very comfortable;
  • Futter 2-thread - eco-friendly material;
  • Possesses high wear resistance;
  • The futter we offer is dyed with permanent dyes, which guarantees the color fastness even after multiple washes.

Features of knitted futter fabric:

We produce a fleece futter, or a fleece futter on the seamy side, and a non-fleece futter, without a fleece on the seamy side.

The front side looks like a cool smooth surface.

The brushed futter has good thermal insulation properties.

Composition: cotton 100%

Density: 230-250 g / sq.m

Stocking width 97 ± 2 cm, NE 30/1

Pattern: plain dyed canvas.


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