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The production facilities of the enterprise allow to complete the full cycle of making garments from knitwear from the production of yarn, knitted fabric to finished products in the form of clothing for children, men and women, overalls, and sets of pastel linen.
and include spinning, knitting, design, dyeing and finishing, cutting, sewing, ironing and packing, embroidery and printing shops.

Spinning shop.
The workshop produces high-quality yarn on modern spinning machines, from which knitted fabric is later knitted.

Knitting shop.
In the knitting shop, using modern equipment, knitted fabrics from various types of cotton yarn are knitted. The assortment includes suprem, interlock, pique, ribana, kashkorsa, 2 and
3-thread footer. The technical characteristics of the fabric are strictly controlled during the knitting process.
Highly qualified specialists constantly monitor the quality of the canvas. Employees of the enterprise check the quality of each released roll on a special rejection machine.

Design workshop.
The workshop is engaged in:
making patterns;
testing fabrics before starting for cutting (washing, ironing);
preparation of technical documentation; production of preliminary samples; development of exclusive collections at the request of the client.

Dyeing and finishing shop.
The use of ejector machines for fabric dyeing, printing equipment, dyes and textile auxiliaries from the world's leading manufacturers allows us to ensure the production of fabrics in a wide range of colors.

Cutting shop.
The main task of the cutting shop is to provide the sewing shops with cutting details in a rhythmic and uninterrupted manner.
To solve the set tasks, we carefully monitor the technological process, layout and numbering of cut parts for submission to the sewing workshop.

Sewing shop.
The workshop of our company has European sewing equipment in its arsenal, which allows us to sew complex products at a high level.
All sewing equipment is serviced in a timely manner, thanks to which we invariably maintain the highest quality of finished products and can guarantee the terms set by the customer.

Ironing and packing shop.
The ironing and packing department performs cleaning, heat treatment of finished products, labeling and packaging.

Embroidery shop.
The embroidery shop produces appliqués, embroidery, simultaneously using up to eleven colors of threads and various accessories (sequins, braid, satin ribbon, etc.).
The high organization of work allows us to produce products with perfect embroidery quality.

Printed shop.
Printed shop equipped with a set for silk-screen printing.
The equipment meets all European standards, has accurate color reproduction and high performance.
The safety of our technology also allows for environmentally friendly printing on children's products.


+998 90 965-55-57 (Daler Kurbonov)

+7 926 162-77-72

+998 90 121 22 62 (Fakhriddin Yokubov)


To the name: Kurbonov Daler

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Sergeli district, Dustlik, 2.


Turkish textile company in Uzbekistan.

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